You love yielding to the oracular powers of dice for rolling attributes but hate the hopeless or overpowered characters that often result. You love the choice and fairness of arrays and point buys but hate the decision paralysis and cookie-cutter builds that ensue. Why not take the best of both? Surely you deserve it.

This is a simple html/javascript tool which replicates the manual GRIDFLIP method for fair random attribute rolls. GRIDFLIP gives results similar to the popular “4d6 drop lowest” method for each attribute, with an average of 13, scores ranging from 3-18, and a final Attribute total of 78.

A separate phone PDF is also available for download and use offline. This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or better. The roll action button will not work in Mac Preview and other likely readers, though the file can be viewed.

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GenreRole Playing
TagsDice, Generator


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