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     You love yielding to the oracular powers of dice for rolling attributes but hate the hopeless or overpowered characters that often result. You love the choice and fairness of arrays and point buys but hate the decision paralysis and cookie-cutter builds that ensue. Why not take the best of both? Surely you deserve it.

     The BARFLIP method gives you partly random and partly chosen attributes, with the totals always adding up the same to start each character out on an even playing field. It does this by exploiting the fact that standard dice have opposite faces that add up to seven. You can also think of this method as a play on Nature vs. Nurture – attribute scores will stem partly from talent and partly from effort

     The GRIDFLIP method gives you random attributes within the same range, with several different options that alter the range and the amount of choice involved.

      Simply hand one of the worksheets to each of your players during character creation. Regardless of which you decide to use, each comes with options to help you adjust these methods to suit your table.

      Samples that show off both methods are available to the left, but the actual pdfs contain multiple versions suitable for different games or with blanks for your own creations.

     Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 added to encourage use in your game systems.

Also see the GRIDFLIP Attribute Generator for an automated web version of GRIDFLIP!



Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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16 downloads for GRIDFLIP vs. 10 for BARFLIP... do people like GRIDFLIP more or is it just an artifact of low numbers?